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A pharmacogenetic test is a genetic test that is used to investigate the suitability of different medicines for you personally. Based on the results of the pharmacogenetic test your doctor can decide on a safe and effective medication for your unique genetic makeup.

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Ask your doctor about pharmacogenetic testing. You can also order a pharmacogenetic sampling kit in our webshop. Read more on how to get tested.

You can benefit the most from the test when it’s done before starting a medication. This allows your doctor to choose the right medicine and dose for you without delay and you can avoid ineffective medicines, adverse drug effects and save time and costs. However, the test can be done also after starting a medication to find out if your medication is effective for you and whether a different drug or dose would be better for you.

Pharmacogenetic testing is especially worthwhile if you’re taking a medicine that is known to be affected by genetic variation. These medications include many antidepressants and antipsychotics, several pain medicines as well as medicines used in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Because our genes don’t change, the results of the pharmacogenetic test are valid for life. After the test has been done, your doctor can use the results every time a new medication is being considered.