Abomics PGx Interpretation Service

You know the wetlab, we translate the findings to clinicans

Abomics makes genetic data comprehensible

Pharmacogenetics can be complicated – but it doesn’t have to be. From raw genetic data ,generated in the laboratory, to actionable medication recommendations, our service streamlines the workflow for clinicians, saving their valuable time. Our efficient report empowers clinicians to choose the right medicine and dose for each patient, making personalised medicine a reality.

Our medication recommendations are sourced from reputable organisations like CPIC (Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium), DPWG (Dutch Pharmacogenetics Working Group), FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration), EMA (European Medicines Agency), and peer-reviewed literature, curated by our expert board in pharmacogenetics for reliability, and comprehensive coverage. The recommendations are updated several times a year. Also, our medical professionals approve the reports.

The reports can be accessed online via our secure cloud-based service, and the reports are regularly updated with emerging pharmacogenetic knowledge. The data is stored in the EU and the service is ISO 13485 certified.

The Abomics PGx Interpretation Service is configurable to fit your reporting and integration needs. We can accommodate data from virtually any type of genetic test. Read how to get started by choosing the technology and equipment.

Abomics PGx Interpretation Service is a comprehensive solution to utilising genetic information gained through pharmacogenetic testing and offers your laboratory a unique way to stand out in a highly competitive market.

For laboratories

We interpret the pharmacogenetic phenotypes from your raw genetic data and deliver a simple yet comprehensive report, designed specifically for the treating clinician.

Genetics are not a familiar topic for many clinicians, leading them to conduct additional research on the obtained results before applying them to patient care. This process consumes valuable time during appointments, where time constraints often play a limiting role.

The pharmacogenetic report makes it easy and fast for the treating clinician to apply the information gained through pharmacogenetic testing to clinical practice.

The Abomics PGx Interpretation Service provides reliable and up-to-date pharmacogenetic information that is curated and approved by medical professionals with pharmacogenetic expertise, making pharmacogenetic testing easy and accessible. We can accommodate data from virtually any type of genetic test, and the service can be customised to your specific reporting and integration needs.


For clinicians

The comprehensive but easy-to-use pharmacogenetic report covers the test results with explanations, the drugs which are affected by genetic variation, and dosing recommendations for each drug based on the patient’s phenotypes. The reports are approved by medical professionals with pharmacogenetic expertise. The reports are easy to read, and give specific, actionable recommendations. They have been designed especially for clinicians, such as general practitioners and psychiatrists, and to be usable even during a short doctor’s appointment.

For patients

The pharmacogenetic test results with medication recommendations are saved in Abomics GeneAccount, which can be made accessible also for the patient. This way the results are stored in one easily accessible yet secure location that the patient can access anytime, anywhere regardless of where they are being treated at. The service can be accessed via web or mobile devices. The recommendations are also regularly updated according to latest research so that they are always relevant. Abomics GeneAccount is a secure, cloud-based service and carried out in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union.

doctor with patient

For research

We can carry out phenotyping of pharmacogenes also for research purposes, such as biobanks, pharmaceutical industry and clinical research organisations. We can analyse large batches of sample data, and the gene panel can be adjusted according to the genetic data you have available. Contact us to discuss your needs and which pharmacogenes can be interpreted from your genetic data.