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The Abomics PGx Interpretation Service together with your equipment and assays enables laboratories to offer a complete pharmacogenetic testing solution.

Pharmacogenetic testing to guide medication decisions

Pharmacogenetics is a rapidly growing field of medicine that combines genetics and pharmacology, making personalised medicine possible. Pharmacogenetic testing helps doctors adjust medication to each patient’s metabolic phenotype, which offers patients more effective medication with lower risk of adverse drug reactions. It has also been shown to be cost-effective, further increasing interest in precision medicine. Because of this pharmacogenetic testing is becoming a routine analysis in clinical laboratories around the world. A growing number of laboratories are looking into establishing a pharmacogenetic testing panel in order to better serve their customers. However, reporting the results of a pharmacogenetic test back to the clinician isn’t as straightforward as it is for many other laboratory analyses. Additional steps are needed to transform the raw genetic data into precision medicine.

pharmacogenetic test

Complement your expertise in gene technologies with our knowledge of pharmacogenetics

Clinical laboratories need a solution for their whole pharmacogenetic testing workflow, which doesn’t end at genotyping. For the clinician to be able to use the information obtained from pharmacogenetic testing, they need to know the patient’s metabolic phenotype and how it should be taken into consideration when prescribing medication. Our expertise is in the interpretation of pharmacogenetic phenotypes and how they affect medication. By complementing your technology with our service, you can offer laboratories a complete solution to their pharmacogenetic testing needs, from sample preparation all the way to reporting the results back to the clinician.

Abomics PGx Interpretation Service

Abomics PGx Interpretation Service turns the genetic data obtained with your equipment into pharmacogenetic phenotypes and an interpretation report with actual medication usage and dosing recommendations. The recommendations are based on the synthesis of information from several high-quality sources and are supported by clinical evidence. Our board of medical professionals with expertise in pharmacogenetics continuously follows emerging research findings and the recommendations are updated as needed, taking into account the quality of the studies and level of clinical evidence.


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