Personalised medicine is available for every doctor and patient today.

One drug and dose doesn’t work the same for everyone. Our genes affect how our bodies react to medications such as antidepressants, pain relievers and medicines used in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Abomics collaborates with clinical laboratories to offer a pharmacogenetic test and interpretation report that helps doctors prescribe a medication and dosage based on the patient’s genetic characteristics. Abomics also produces medical and pharmaceutical databases, which support doctors in medication decisions.

Benefits of pharmacogenetic testing

Reduces trial-and-error of medication optimisation

Faster medication and dose optimisation shortens treatment time

Reduces risk of adverse drug reactions

Supports medication decisions for the rest of your life

Right drug,
right dose,
right patient

Our genes affect how we react to medications. A drug that works for one person, can be ineffective or cause side effects for another. With pharmacogenetic testing your doctor can predict your response to different drugs and offer safer and more effective medication for you individually. Pharmacogenetic testing enables precision medication in e.g. cardiology, neurology and psychiatry.

Avoid side effects with pharmacogenetic testing

Scientific evidence shows that clinically significant adverse drug reactions (ADR) are reduced by 30% if the attending physician has the results of a pharmacogenetic test to support medication decision-making.

How to get tested?

Healthcare providers and laboratories offer pharmacogenetic testing. You can also use our home sample collection kit.

Abomics – supporting doctors in medication decisions

We at Abomics support doctors in daily clinical decision-making. The Abomics pharmacogenetic interpretation service enables laboratories to complement DNA test results with an interpretation report that is designed for doctors. The pharmacogenetic interpretation report includes clear recommendations for determining a drug and dosage that is suitable for the patient in question. Together with our subsidiary Multirec, we also offer medical databases on pharmaceuticals, drug indications, drug-drug interactions, pharmacogenetic gene-drug interrelationships etc. These databases are available for integrations with electronic health record (EHR) and prescription systems and other software and databases. The databases support doctors’ decision-making and enable smooth and efficient prescription and medication evaluation workflows. Database information enables evidence-based, effective, and efficient decision-making in clinical practice and supports effective and safe medication.

About us

Abomics was founded in 2013 by two medical doctors, Jari Forsström and Klaus Elenius.

Abomics Oy is a Finnish company specialised in offering tools to support doctors’ decision-making. We are based in Finland and offer pharmacogenetic solutions for clinical laboratories, healthcare providers and healthcare IT and software companies.