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Abomics Ltd is a company that specializes in translating genomics research into clinical practice and provides new approaches to personalized medicine. We leverage the knowledge acquired from the human genome in order to increase the safety and efficacy of medical treatments and medication. Processing and interpreting genetic test results is highly knowledge-intensive work that requires a highly specialized skill set. Abomics provides solutions to help organizations tackle the challenges of applied genomics. With Abomics GeneRx pharmacogenetic database, Abomics PGx Interpretation Service and Abomics GeneAccount cloud service we are able to offer easily understandable pharmacogenetics services for both physicians and customers on a global scale.

Abomics was founded in 2013 in Turku, Finland by two medical doctors Jari Forsström and Klaus Elenius. The idea for the company was born in 2010 when the two tennis buddies were discussing the future of health care. There was already strong evidence on the merits of utilizing genetic testing in patient care, but practical applications and decision support tools were few and far between. Jari and Klaus had a shared vision that genomics could be used to tailor medical treatments according to the patient's personal attributes. Personalized health would become a reality and standardized health care guidelines would eventually become a thing of the past. The fundamental idea behind Abomics is to translate evidence-based research knowledge into clear recommendations that both the treating physician and the patient will understand and benefit from.


Personalized medicine increases the need for solutions using genomic data to improve health. Abomics is the leading European company in pharmacogenetics.

Personalized medicine has become a reality, and with genetic information the use of medicine becomes safer and more efficient. Abomics is a leading company of pharmacogenetics in Europe. The company offers comprehensive solutions to healthcare professionals, organizations and consumers.


To increase well-being with genomic information.

The safety and efficacy of medicine can be significantly improved with pharmacogenetic information acquired with pharmacogenetic testing. Prescribing the right medicine to the right patient, with the right dosage at the right time leads to a remarkable improvement to society and the individual's well-being. Every person deserves the best possible medicine.


Competence, Confidentiality, Collaboration.

Abomics' business is based on the competence of a team of experts in their fields. Abomics solutions have been developed in co-operation with leading healthcare professionals and they are constantly updated according to the latest research information.

Abomics is a confidential and established healthcare operator. Key personnel of the company have decades of experience in the industry that has no room for mistakes. Abomics operates transparently and takes full responsibility of the trustworthiness of its services.

Abomics operates in a constantly expanding global industry in continual collaboration with a comprehensive partner network.

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Jari ForsströmPuheenjohtaja

Kari Antila

Ari Hakkarainen

Pirjo Sallinen

Mika Teikari


Valter Rönnholm CEO

Ari Ahola-OlliMedical Adviser MD PhD

Eveliina Hagelberg-HäkkinenAdviser, Pharmacology and Toxicology

Jari ForsströmChief Medical Officer MD, PhD Docent in Health Care Informatics, Specialist in Internal Medicine

Juho HelisteMedical Adviser MD PhD

Klaus EleniusMedical adviser MD, Professor

Sami KoponenSW Development Manager

Matti VehniäinenICT Specialist

Samu ÖstermanMedical Adviser MD