Pharmacogenetics Applied into Clinical Practice

We transform raw genetic data into actionable clinical reports with treatment guidelines.

Pharmacogenetic testing reduces adverse drug reactions, complications and unnecessary costs. We offer laboratories, clinicians and patients a path to personalized medicine by allowing easy access to reliable and frequently updated pharmacogenetic information.


Our solutions


Are you as a consumer interested in a pharmacogenetic test?

We've made it easy for everyone to obtain a test!

Through our GeneAccount webshop consumers can conveniently order a pharmacogenetic test with shipping available worldwide.

GeneAccount serves as our consumer portal where users can securely log in to view their always up-to-date pharmacogenetic report.

You can pin GeneAccount to the home screen of your mobile device to always have it with you in your pocket.

Raw genetic data interpreted with out PGx engine is presented in an accessible, clinically actionable fashion, ready for your clinician.

GeneAccount is currently available in English, Finnish, Swedish and German.

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For professionals

Are you looking for a PGx-enabled decision support tool?

GeneRx aids the physician in identifying the cases in which genetic testing is recommended.

Available as a standalone web application or as integrated via API endpoints.

GeneRx powers our own PGx engine and GeneAccount and is used by medical professionals internationally.

The GeneRx database is available in Duodecim's Terveysportti service and is integrated by TietoEVRY in the Finnish EHR system Lifecare.

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Pharmacogenetic Database

The future of personalised medicine is all about tailoring medical treatments according to an individual's personal genetic makeup. The genetic basis of variability in drug response is already a well-researched subject. However, its practical applications are few and far between. Applying pharmacogenetics into clinical practice requires a highly sophisticated and reliable decision support tools. GeneRx database serves this purpose.

Pharmacogenetics has been shown to cut down health care costs and increase the effectiveness of medical treatments when used to full advantage. The activity of metabolic enzymes is the most important factor in individual drug response, right after drug interactions. Over 150 different drug substances have been found to be affected by the genetic variation in enzyme metabolic rates. Pharmacogenetic tests allow physicians to select the right drugs with the right dosage according to the patient's individual genotype. GeneRx helps the physician to identify the cases, in which genetic testing is recommended, and gives clear instructions on how to interpret the genetic test results.

Abomics GeneRx database has been developed in collaboration with health professionals to meet the rigorous demands of modern health care. The database includes information about genotypes that are associated with clinically relevant variation in drug responsiveness or drug-induced adverse effects. GeneRx contains only genetic tests that have scientifically proven value. GeneRx consists of the following information:

  1. Active ingredient, ATC code(s), generic drug name
  2. Genetic variations related to the drug
  3. Information about the phenotype affected, e.g. metabolic rate
  4. Recommendation texts, e.g. dosing recommendations
  5. References
  6. Available genetic tests and their indications
  7. Genetic test providers, contact information and ordering instructions

The database is currently available in English, Finnish, Swedish and German and will be translated to more languages according to customer needs.

Abomics GeneRx integrates seamlessly to electronic health record systems' (EHR) drug database. The database update is available as an automated scheduled service. Our database is regularly updated and delivered as XML messages. The messages are unambiguous and well documented. Technical white papers, example data and schema definitions are delivered upon request.

As an integrated solution, the EHR system alerts immediately whenever there is clinically significant genetic variation in drug safety or efficacy. The system then gives clear instructions for the treating physician on what to do in these cases. Dosing recommendations, available genetic tests and their providers are all included in the database.


For professionals

Do you need a PGx interpretation endpoint for your genetic data?

Abomics PGx interpretation engine transforms raw pharmacogenetic data into an understandable and accessible report, aimed to be used by both end users and clinicians.

Abomics PGx interpretation engine is data agnostic and can be tailored to handle virtually any data format. It works out-of-the box with panel-based raw data from technologies like ThermoFisher TaqMan® OpenArray® and Agena Biosystems Mass Spectometry.

We offer various forms of white-label solutions and have a JSON-powered API.

We currently support the 22 most important pharmacogenes, including CYP2D6 (a gene responsible for metabolizing 25% of the known drugs) which is often omitted with other engines operating on NGS data. We focus only on the genes that have strong scientific evidence behind them.

The simple yet comprehensive report covers the genetic tests with explanations, a list of drugs with genetic variation and dosage recommendations for each drug.

The reports are approved by various medical professionals accepting the responsibility for accuracy of the information. The reports are easy to read, and give specific recommendations based on the genetic information acquired with genetic tests.

Take a look at our sample reportEnglishFinnish

All genetic data is securely stored in our GeneAccount portal and will never be passed on to third parties.

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